Working with search

You can search for projects and companies using keywords and phrases that you want to find in project listings, project documents, company listings and associated contacts. You can create and save a new search and run a recently used search. You can also add search tags and rename and edit any of your saved searches. 

ConstructConnect uses your profile information to auto generate suggested searches that can return projects most closely aligning with your business. Rated by Match Score, you can immediately see which projects are the best match for your company. Saved searches, colored tags and an industry-leading database compliment your ability to find exactly the right projects for your business needs. 

This section contains the following topics: 

You can start your search from two locations, as described in the following table.  



Side bar fly-out menu

How you get there

From the left side-bar menu on any page, hover over the spyglass icon to display the menu:

 You can search for...

  • Projects

  • Project documents

  • Project titles

  • Companies

  • Recent searches

  • Saved searches

  • Saved Search management

How you use the menu

  • Use the search bar to find keywords or details in a new search and in your recent and saved searches. 

  • Click Projects to open the project and company search menu. In the menu, you can 

    • Click to switch between projects and companies.

    • Click Projects to select Title and Documents.

    • Click to select an Exact and Smart search. 

  • Click in the Recent Searches to select one of your recent searches. 

  • Click Managed Saved Searches to edit your saved searches. See Using the Managed Saved Search menu for information about working with your saved searches

The Find Opportunities page

How you get there

At the top of the Find Opportunities page, click Projects to show the search menu: 

You can search for...

  • Projects

  • Project titles

  • Project Description

  • Project Documents

  • Companies 

Note: Applying multiple project search types will act as an ‘AND’ search, and look for projects where the keyword exists in all selected project areas.

How you use the menu

  • Next to the search bar, click Projects.

  • Click the to switch between projects and companies.

  • Click Projects to select Title, Description and Documents.

  • Click to select between Exact and Smart searching. 

You can use Smart Search and Exact Search to find exactly the words you are looking for.  

Search type




The exact word is looked for in the search.

Searching for Concrete returns just that word. The words concreted, concreting, are not returned.


The exact word and any words stemming from that word are found.

Searching for landscaping returns that word and any words that share the stem landscap, such as landscaper, landscape.

To start a new search for projects, documents and companies, your search begins from the search fly-out menu or from the Find Opportunities page. 

Note: For information about using special characters with search, see Search rules and tips

To run a new search, 


From either the search fly-out menu or the Find Opportunities page, click the down arrow and select the type of search you want to run:

  • Project

  • Document (only from the Find Opportunity menu)

  • Title (only from the Find Opportunity menu)

  • Company


To begin your search, enter one of the following in the search bar:

  • for projects, enter the words and phrases that you want to find in project listings and documents.

  • for companies, enter the name you want to find in company listings.

Using document keyword highlighting and your Match Score

Document keyword highlighting

When you use keywords with your document search, document viewer opens to the first instance of your keyword in the document set and your keyword is highlighted anywhere it appears in the document set.

Match Score

You can search for only those projects that are a match with the selected trades and service area you have setup for your account. To use this feature,

  • click Show Match Score at the top right of the window. Positive results show a green score for each project.


To initiate your search, click the spyglass icon on the search bar.

Result: Your search runs and the results are displayed in the Find Opportunities pane.


See the following to continue:

You can save any of your searches for future use. All of your applied filters are saved with the search. You can save an existing saved search with a new name or different search criteria, or both. You can also add search tags and set a default search for your account. 

To save a search


Once a search runs, click the Save Search button.

Result: The Save Project Search menu is displayed:


In the Save Search menu,

  • enter the name for the search.

The following section describes the additional information you can add to your saved search.


  1. Create search tag: Search tags are color coded markers that appear on project and company listings that indicate a match is found with the criteria of a specific search. Listings in your results can have multiple tags depending on the criteria of the tagged search.

    1. NOTE: You can only apply search tags to 5000 saved searches.

    2. To create a search tag, click Create Search Tag. Next, select the color you want to apply to the search.

    3. Result: The menu closes and the tag appears when a listing matches the criteria of the search.

  2. Set as default (Coming Soon): Use this option to set the search to run automatically each time you log in.

  3. Applied Filters: This is the list of filters used for the search. You can remove a filter by clicking the X on the tab for the filter.



When you are ready, click Save to save the search.

Result: The search now appears in your list of saved searches.


Your saved and recent searches are listed in both the fly-out menu and on the Find Opportunities page. To run either type of search, 

  • click on the name of the search.
    Result: Your search runs and the results are displayed in the Find Opportunities window.  

You can edit any saved search to have different criteria, including applied filters, tags and name.  

To edit a saved search



Edit filters

  • Run the search

  • Change any of the filtering options

  • Click Save Search.

  • On the Save Project Search menu, click Save
    Result: The search is saved with the new filters.

Save as a new search

  • Run the search. 

  • Click Save Search.

  • Enter the new name in the Save Project Search box.

  • Click Save As New Search.

Rename search

  • Run the search. 

  • Click Save Search.

  • Enter the new name in the Save Project Search box.

  • Click Save.

Using the Managed Saved Searches menu

The Managed Saved Searches menu lets you rename and delete your searches and change the color of a tagged search. 

To use the Managed Searches menu,


Click inside the search bar and select Manage Saved Searches in the popup box.

Result: The Managed Saved Searches menu is displayed:


The line for each search contains options for editing the search name and the tag color for tagged searches. You can also delete a search by clicking the trashcan icon.

To edit the search name,

  • make any changes in the name box. Click Update to see the edited name in the Preview section.

To change the search tag color,

  • click on the tag color and select the new color from the palate. Click Update to see the edited color in the Preview section.


Click Close Window when you are finished. Your changes are automatically saved.