Bid Management

Below are some key topics to help you get started using ConstructConnect Bid Management

Creating Projects

General Contractors and/or their Estimators can create projects to be send to their bidders list as an invitation to bid (ITB). Project creation is a three-step process that includes basic details, documents and trades and bidders. Existing projects can be copied and used as a template for any new project. See Creating a Project for more information and to get started.

Working with Your Bidders List

This list contains all of the invited bidders for a project regardless of bid response or trade. Each bidder listing shows their overall activity level on the project and their upcoming bid intent. You can send a follow-up notice and resend the original invitation. See Working with the All Bidders List for more information.

Working with Your Managed Projects

Managed projects are the ITB projects created by you or your company. Each project contains a variety of information and can include bidding date and time, invitations, notes, details and trades, bidders, coverage and any attached documents. See Working with Managed Projects for more information.

Working with Trades & Coverage

You can instantly see the bidder status for all the trades on a managed project. You can add bidders using your list of preferred bidders and from suggested bidders on the ConstructConnect network. You can set bidder goal and view bidder engagement scores. See Working with Trades & Coverage for more information.