Creating a Project

The project creation form contains three sections: Information, Documents and Trades. Each section lets you add specific information for the project. You can add as much or as little information as needed for each section but required fields are marked with a red asterisk*

This section contains the following step-by-step instructions for creating an Invitation to Bid (ITB) project: 

Getting Started

This section contains basic information you can use while creating a project. 

Starting With an Existing Project

You can create a new project using an existing project as a basis. This is particularly helpful if you are creating a project that is similar in scope, type, or has the same bid or build start date.  The project copy will include the information from the first main page of the existing project, but it will not copy over documents, bidder or trade information from the source project.

Saving Your Work

You can save and exit the form at any time; your work to that point will be automatically saved. Click Save & Exit at the bottom left of the window to save the information you have already entered and close the form.

Moving to the Next Section

Once you have completed a section you can move to the next section by clicking Next at the bottom right of the page. 

If you have not completed the required information, you cannot move to the next section. The systems alerts you to any unfinished or incomplete fields.

Completing the Information Section

This is where you will add (or edit details on an existing project as in the case of adding bid packages) details about your project, including key events (i.e., bid date, project start date), a primary contact, high-level description and any additional information you wish to share with prospective bidders.

Project Details

Here is where you will add basic information about your project. Note that all fields are required and are described in detail below.

Project Title

The project title. This value must include at least three characters.

Start typing the existing project name in the Project Name field to display a list of matching projects in the list.

Click on the name of the existing project you want to use as a basis for the new project. The fields in this section will populate with information from the source project. 

Edit the information as needed for the new project.


The physical location of the project, including street name and number, city, state and postal code.

You can use the suggested location feature to get the exact location. As you start to type the location the system displays suggested matches to your address.

Click to select the correct address.

Building UseClick to select the building use for the project from the list.
Project TypeClick to select the project type for the project from the list.
StatusClick to select the status, or stage, for the project from the list.  


This section lets you add a bid date and time and other important dates for the project, such as request for proposal or site walkthrough.

Adding the Bid Date

Click on the calendar icon in the Bid Date field.  Select the date for your bid date then add a time and event comment. 

Adding Additional Project Events

You may also wish to add additional project events, such as start date or a pre-bid meeting.  Click on Add Project Event to 

  • Click the drop-down list and select the event for the project.
  • Enter the date and time in the fields.

You can delete events from the project by clicking the "X" on the line for the event. 

Primary Contact

This is the main contact for the project. The default setting names the ConstructConnect Bid Management account owner as the primary contact. You can use the tools in the section to select another account for this role. 


The Description section lets you add a text description of the project for items such as scope and other details. Enter as much information about the project to increase the bidding potential for the project. 

Note to Bidders

Use this field if you have specific information for potential bidders on the project. 

Once you have completed the Information section of the project, click Next on the bottom right side of the page to move to the Documents section.

Completing the Documents Section

The Documents section is where you add plans, specifications and other documents to the project. You can browse and attach documents and also use use drag and drop:

Uploading Documents


Choose from Drag and Drop or Browse and Select to upload your project documents.

Using Drag and Drop

  • Open the file location on your local device.
  • Drag the files to the appropriate location.

Using Browse and Select

  • Click Browse on the panel for the file type you are uploading.
  • In the menu, select the file from your local device.

The file will be uploaded and displayed in the Documents section (shown below).

If you click on the file type, you will get more details about the documents themselves as well as the full name of the document (shown below).


Once you are done attaching documents, click Finish to complete the process.

Once you are done, click Next in the bottom right corner to move to the next section.   

Completing the Trades Section

By default, there are no trades automatically attached to the project. You can add trades using a variety of methods, including by searching, using a template, and copying from your previous projects. You can also have the system auto-identify the required trades using the documents attached to the project.

To add trades, click the Add Trades drop-down menu and select an option, as described in the following table:

From ListDisplays a menu with a full list of trades and codes. You can select an entire trade (i.e., Concrete) or individual sub-trades (i.e., Selective Demolition for Concrete). Click Apply to add the selected trades to the project.
By TemplateClick and select the template to use a pre-populated list of trades.
From ProjectDisplays the Add Trades from Projects with a list of the trades from your previous projects. Select the project with the trades you want to add and click Add.
Auto-Identify TradesOnly available when specifications are loaded in the project.  Select to have the system extract the list of required trades from project documents and add them to the project. 

Adding Bidders

Once you have completed adding trades to the project, you can then add bidders.

To add bidders, click Save and Add Bidders at the bottom right of the Add Trades page. The Trades & Coverage window will display the trades you have selected for the project. You can then use the options in the menu to add bidders to your project. To continue and for more information, see Working with Trades and Coverage.

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