Sharing a Project

You can collaborate on projects with users of different companies by simply sharing projects via email. Currently, you are able to share both curated projects (projects you have added to your ConstructConnect Bid Center) and invitations to bid (ITBs).

To share a project, follow the steps as outlined below.


Begin by clicking either the share icon (shown on the project row in either the List or Tab view); the drop-down share menu (click on the three dots to the right of your project name); or the share button (available on the Project Details Page).

Share Icon

Share icon on the project row

Share Menu

Share Button



Enter the email address(es) for your intended receipient(s) in the pop-up window shown below. You may add up to five emails at a maximum.



Add your custom message to the recipient and/or your e-signature (if needed).


Click Send. The share email is sent to the recipient(s), which will contain your (the sender’s) message, summary information about the project, and a link to open the Project Detail Page. Shared projects are also automatically added to the recipient’s Bid Center for further management.




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