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At ConstructConnect, we pride ourselves on offering products that require minimal instruction. We know that many of our customers go right to work without ever consulting the documentation. However, as with any great product, there are many features that you might miss due to the comprehensive nature of the software. 

What you'll find here  

  • A functional description of every feature.
  • Step-by-step instructions for task-based procedures.
  • Additional notes and tips for getting the most out of your experience.

Every topic can be found in the table contents

Click away: All help topics can be found on the left side of any Online Help window:

All help topics can be found on the left side of the window.   

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Some FAQs to help you get started

Searching – Where do I start searching for projects and companies?

The Find Opportunities page is the place to go for getting started with all of your search needs, including saving and loading your favorite searches

Watching – How do I follow my favorite projects and companies?  

Your Watch List is where all of the projects and companies you want to follow for future development are saved 

Creating a project - Where do I get information for creating a project? 

The Create Project page contains all you need to know for creating your own ITB projects

Managing Bidders - Where can I see the status for all of the bidders I have in my account?  

The All Bidders page is where you can find all the information for your bidders, including engagement, activity and associated trades

I have issues with my password

Password trouble? Or just need someone to give you a hand?

Contact our Customer Service Department to answer all of your questions: (877) 4CC-TOOL (422-8665) or Your sales representative can also assist you with using the product and subscription questions.  

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