Working with Managed Projects

Managed Projects are Invitation to Bid (ITB) projects created by you or your company and contained within  ConstructConnect's Bid Manager. The information included in each project can include bidding date and time, invitations, notes, details, trades and bidders coverage, and any attached documents that pertain to additional details related to the ITB. Invitation status and trades / bidder management can also be accessed from the managed project page. 

Accessing Your Managed Projects

To access your managed projects, go to the main menu on the left sidebar. Click on the envelope icon and select Manage Projects.

A new window will appear, displaying all the projects you or someone in your company has created.

Below is a description of each of the fields associated with your managed projects: 




The title of the project. Clicking on the title opens the project in the details window.


The Status menu is accessed by clicking the three dots on the line for each project. There are four statuses to choose from: Active, Archived, Inactive and Deleted


Indicates the number of documents attached to the project.

Bid Date

The date and time that the project goes to bid.


The city and state where the project is located.

Last Updated

The date of the last significant update to the project.

Applying Filters to Your Managed Projects

If you have a number of managed projects that you need to track and resource, you can select additional criteria to refine your project list and streamline your daily workflow. Choose from one or more of the system’s advanced filters: dates (project start, bid or pre-bid meeting), location, assignment (employee or outside partner), project status or building type as shown below. This will narrow your list of managed projects to only those that match your selected criteria. 

Watch this brief video to see how quickly and easily you can apply filters so that you can take further action on your projects.

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