Using Procore with Your Managed Projects

Streamline your project and workforce management processes with the built-in Procore integration
available in ConstructConnect Bid Management (CCBM). This integration allows you to select projects
already created in CCBM and publish them in Procore or pull projects into CCBM from Procore to put together a comprehensive project plan.

How to Publish a Project from ConstructConnect to Procore

Start by selecting a project you would like to send to Procore. Once on the project’s details page, select the three-dot menu ( … ) at the top right of the screen as highlighted below. Next, select Publish to Procore.

Image of a computer screen displaying the project details page with the option to 'Publish to Procore' highlighted in orange.

You will then be taken to the Procore login page (shown below).

Image of the Procore login screen, asking for the user's email and password.

After logging into your Procore account, you’ll be redirected back to ConstructConnect where you will confirm the information that is going to be published to your Procore project. Be sure to select the
correct template.

Once you have confirmed the information is correct, click on Create Project at the top left of your screen. This will take you back to your project in ConstructConnect. Finally, when go to your Procore account, you should see your project listed as shown below.

Pulling a Project from Procore into ConstructConnect

Begin by selecting the envelope icon from the main navigation menu on the left side of your screen, then select Project from Procore from the sub-menu (shown below).

You will be asked to login to Procore if you’ve not done so through our application.

Once you have logged in, you will see your list of projects currently in Procore. Next, select which project you wish to add to ConstructConnect by clicking on Create Project in CC as shown below.

Next, decide what information you wish to bring over to your new ConstructConnect project, then click on the Create Project button.

Once you have clicked Create Project, your project will be added to your list of managed projects in ConstructConnect Bid Management. You will then be able to add bidders by trade, communicate with your preferred subs, and manage your incoming bids.


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