Working with Your Watch List

The Watch List page contains the projects and companies that you have selected to track for future development. The Watch List is a great way to organize your bid pipeline and understand what your firm is currently pursuing. ConstructConnect keeps you up-to-date by providing tasks, email and push notifications anytime a Watch List project is updated.

Activating your Watch List alerts

You receive an email each time there is a significant update to a watched project or company. You must set your account to send Watch List email alerts. 

Your Watch List email alerts are set to Off by default. To active these alerts,

Accessing Your Watch List

To access your Watch List

  • from the sidebar menu, click Activities > Watch List

To switch between watched projects and companies

  • click the tabs at the top of the section to switch between watched projects and watched companies: 

Understanding the Watch List   

The following table describes the information displayed on the Watch List page.  


Gold star:

A gold star indicates the active Watch List status of the listing.

    • Clicking on the star adds and removes a listing from your Watch List.
Project nameThe title of the project. Clicking on the title opens the details page for the listing.
Company name

The name of the company. Clicking on the name opens the details page for the listing. Projects associated with the company are listed below the company information section.

Note: Project counts and values in company listings are for the previous 90 days.

Invitation to Bid

Project BudgetThe budget for the project.
LocationEither the address of the company or the physical address of the project.
Project CountThe number of projects associated with the company.
StatusThe current status of the listing, such as Award or Post-Bid.
Bid DateEither the date that the project is scheduled to go to bid or the date that the project went to bid.
DocumentsIndicates if documents are available for the project.
Last UpdatedThe date of the most recent significant update to the project.

Filtering your Watch List

You can filter your Watch List using the options in the Filter menu on the left side of the page.  


  • The number on the line for the filter indicates how many projects are a match for that filter type. 
  • Click Clear All to reset the menu. 

The following table describes the filtering options you can use for your search results. 

Search TagsWhen present, indicates that there are project or company listings that match the criteria of one of your Watch List searches. A search tag indicates that the project or company is a match to the specific criteria of a search. For more information, see the section for search tags in Working with search..
Project StatusThe stage of the project, such as Conceptual or Final Bidding.

The physical address of the project or company. You can use the filter bar to enter a location or search for the location using a map.

Choose from the following to use the filter.

Search boxEnter the city name in the box. For more precision, you can add the state name or state abbreviation.
Select Counties or State/Province

Click to open the Filter by State & County menu. You can

  • enter states and counties by name in the box
  • use the map to locate projects.
Building UseThe building use of the project, such as Casino or Educational.
Invitation StatusSet to filter by No Response and Will Bid.
Project TypeThe building type of the project, such as Addition or Demolition.

Click on the filter name to select from the following:

  • Last Updated - The date range of the most recent significant update to the project listing.
  • Start Date - The date range for the expected start of work on the project.
  • Bidding Events - The date range of any bidding events for the project.
TradeEnter the CSI code for the trade or click Browse All Trades and use the menu to locate trades. Click Apply to add the selected trades to the filter list.
SectorThe sector of the project construction, such as Private or Public - City.
ValueUse the slider to select the value range for the projects you want to find.
Document Type

Click Select Document Types to open the Select Document Types menu. In the menu, you can select to show the following:

  • Addenda
  • Plans
  • Specifications
  • Additional Documents

Tip: Click the down arrow next to each type to see the full list of selections. 

Advanced Filters
Contracting MethodThe contracting method for the project, such as Bidding as Prime or Open GC Bidding.
Project SectionThe industry section for the project, such as General Bidding or Water and Sewer.

The category for the project, which can be Construction or Service, Maintenance and Supply.

Note: Projects listed as service, maintenance and supply (SMS) are projects that include bids for construction materials or project materials (such as electronic equipment, furniture, and wiring). Also included is work for services or trades that are task specific, such as tree pruning, on-call, renewable, or as needed (such as snow removal). SMS bid opportunities typically call for ongoing services over time, rather than a single trade project (such as re-roofing).  These services or supplies are construction related, typically performed by contractors who are also interested in construction project opportunities.

StoriesThe number of stories above grade for the project.
Stories Below GradeSelect either Yes or No for stories below grade.
Unit TypesThe unit types for projects you want to find, such as Apartments or Beds.
CertificationsAny required certifications, such as Minority Business Enterprise or Small Business Enterprise.

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