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Once you click to open project documents from the search results window, Document Center opens with the selected documents loaded in the window. From here you can search, view and export project documents for saving and printing. When using keyword search, your keywords are highlighted anywhere they appear in project documents.

Note: See Searching for documentsDocuments for information about finding projects with plans, specifications and addenda.

This section contains the following topics:  

Table of Contents

Using the document list

The document list contains all of the documents for the project:


  • The Matching Documents section contains all of the documents where your keyword is highlighted in the text as a result of a document keyword search. For more information about keyword searching, see Searching for documentsDocuments.
  • The plus + sign indicates that there are multiple documents for the line. The number to the right of a line represent the number of additional documents in the group.
  • Clicking the plus sign + displays all the associated documents on the line.
  • Each line contains document information, such as document type, CSI or other type code, file name and size, and number of pages.

Viewing documents in the preview pane 

To open a document from the list in the preview pane,

  • click the document name in the list. Click the plus sign + to expand the list to show subcategories. When keyword searching is used, your keywords are highlighted in project documents:


Using the document tool bar

The document tool bar is displayed on the right side of the page anytime you hover over the preview pane.

The following table describes the options for using the document tool bar.

Use to display the selection in full screen mode. Click again to return the image to the original size.
Click either the plus or minus sign to zoom in and out of the document in the window.
Click to turn document highlights on and off.

Click to turn on the document map. This opens a thumbnail of the current page displaying where you are in relationship to the full page:

Click to turn the cursor into a hand to move the document around in the window.
Click to turn on the crop tool and select areas of the document for magnification.

 Exporting documents

You can export project document in PDF or TIFF format in either multi-page documents or as a zipped file. The details page for the associated project is included as part of your export. Your documents are stored for five days from the date of export.

Exporting documents and the project details page

  • From the Matching Documents list, select the documents that you want to export. You can select individual documents or all documents in a category, or both. The counts for each category are listed next to the category name. 
  • Click Export or Export All depending on the number of your selections and then click one of the following:
    • Multi-page PDF
    • Zipped PDF
    • Zipped TIF

Note:  The option Export Project Documents is selected by default. This lets you export the details page of the associated project. Remove the check if you do not want this added to your export.

Result: Your documents are sent to your Document Center export directory. From here you download exported documents to your PC for up to five days. 

Accessing the previous five days of exports  

  • From the upper right corner of any window, click Document Center from the Welcome menu. 
  • In Document Center, click on the document you want to download.

Printing project documents

You can print any project documents once they are exported to your device.   

  • Once your documents download to your local device, open the zip or PDF file and then open the selected file in the native program. Use the program associated with the file to print your documents. 

Printing issues with PDF documents 

The PDF documents in Document Center are formatted with multiple layers in order to makes them more easily imported into markup software. However, these multiple layers can cause problems when printing.

This following describes some of the options you can use to successfully print these documents in your system:

Printing using Bluebeam Revu

If you are printing a PDF from Bluebeam Revu,

    • Verify that you have version 12.0 or higher.
    • Select Print as Image and print the PDF as an image (JPG, PNG).  

Printing an Adobe PDF

If you are viewing and printing a PDF from Adobe Acrobat,

    • From the Print menu, click Advanced.
    • In the Advanced Print Setup menu, check the box for Print as Image.