Searching for Documents

You can search for project documents from the search bar tile and from the results of any of your saved searches. You can also have your search keyword highlighted anywhere it appears in project documents.

This section contains the following topics:  


Showing document columns in the results 

Before you search for documents, you must first make sure that the columns listing the documents for a project are set to display on your results page.

Note: The Matching Documents column is automatically displayed when projects with documents that match your keywords are returned in a search.

To show the columns for documents, 

From the project list page, click on the arrow at the top of any column and select Columns to display the column menu:


Choose from the following for selecting the documents that you want to show in the results. 

PSAAny combination of PSA depending on the document type available for the project:
  • P - plans
  • S - specs
  • A - addenda
Plans Specs AvailableDisplays either of the following:
  • Yes indicating plans or specs are available or
  • No for no plans or specs available.

Accessing document search  

The document search feature is available from the search bar tile wherever you see it displayed at the top of the window: 

Note that the documents available for your search depend on your location in Leads, as displayed in the following table.

If you are viewing the...Then the documents included in your search are...
Snapshotall of the documents available in your subscription.
Project list pagethe documents associated with the projects displayed in the list.
Company list page

for the projects associated with the companies in the list.

Note: You must select to show the Show Matching Projects column to access projects and associated project documents.

Searching for project documents

Searching for documents can include creating a search from the search bar tile and by using the Filters menu to filter the results of your searches.  Note that you can highlight your search keyword in the results wherever it appears in project documents.


  • You can search for documents from the results of a saved project or company search. To run saved searches, see either Running a saved project search or Running a saved company search. Once the results are displayed, use the steps below to locate project documents.
  • The columns in your search results must be set to show document availability, as described above in Showing results columns for documents. However, the Matching Documents column appears automatically with a matching document search. 

To search for documents,

1Display the search bar tile on the Dashboard or on the project or company list pages. 

Note: If you are viewing company search results, click Show Matching Projects at the top of the page to display the associated projects.


Select the type of document search you want to perform:

  • Documents – Use to search plans, specifications and addenda. 
  • Plans – Use to search only plans. 
  • Specs – Use to search only specifications.
3Enter the keywords that you want to find in project documents. Note that you must use keywords if you want to use document keyword highlighting. However, you do not need to use keywords to find project documents.

Tip: You can do simple and complex searches:

  • a simple search uses a single word or a string of words.
  • Advanced searches use the words AND, OR, or NOT to include or exclude phrases in your search. The limit for this search is 10,000 characters.   

Example: Using concre* returns all words beginning with concre, such as concreteconcretedconcretion etc.

Important: The only special characters supported when searching are the following:

"   "      *     (   )  

  • For more information about maximizing your results using special characters and a full list of non-supported special characters, see Search tips and techniques.
Click the spyglass icon to run the search. 

Result: The search runs and the projects with documents matching your search terms are displayed.


Choose from the following to continue. 

If you...Then...
want to see your keyword highlighted in project documents
  • locate the Matching Documents column for the project you want to view 
  • click on the number in the Matching Documents column. This represents the number of documents that have matching keywords.

Result: Document Center opens in a new window with the project documents loaded in the window. The first instance of your keyword is highlighted in the preview pane. 

Note: For saving a document search, use the steps for projects as described in Saving a project search.

don't want document keyword highlighting
  • locate the project with the type of documents that you want to view in the PSA column or locate the project with Yes displayed in the Plans Specs Available column. 
  • click to open the project. 
  • From the project details page, click Download Documents at the top of the page:


ResultDocument Center opens in a new window with the documents for the project loaded in the window. 

Note: For saving a document search, use the steps for projects as described in Saving a project search.

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