Forecast gives you a comprehensive listing of U.S. and Canadian project starts, including both historical data and projected start dates for the next 24 months. You can filter the data by historical and projected date range, US and Canadian location, category, and development type.

Using the Data Graph and Data Table

The data graph displays project data for each category by value and date range. The data table displays project value by year according to the options selected in the Filters menu. The features on both sections let you customize how you view the data. To continue, see Using the Data Graph or Using the Data Table

Using Filter Options

The options in the Filters menu let you refine the data by date, geography, measurement, and development type. You can save any of your filter sets for future use. To continue, see Using the Filters Menu

Understanding Construction Starts

Included is a definition of historical and forecasted construction starts data, description of how the data is compiled, data sources and organization, update frequency, definitions of the data and a brief overview of the methodology used. To continue, see Understanding Construction Starts. 

Construction Starts Quarterly Reports

View and download CMD's Quarterly Construction Starts Forecast Report, covering a range of topics relating to starts forecasting for the U.S. and Canada. To continue, see Quarterly Construction Starts & Forecast Reports

Forecast is powered by ConstructConnect construction cost data with forecast models provided by Oxford Economics, one of the world's foremost independent providers of global economic research and consulting. For more information, see Understanding Construction Starts.

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