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The Insight Customer Relationship Management (CRM) export service provides an FTP data feed of pre-selected projects into your third-party CRM system. You can select to export search results of both saved searches and individual projects.

This section contains the following topics and links to CRM documentation:

About the Insight CRM Export Service

The Insight CRM export service data feed is available in both XML and CSV formats. To initiate scheduled CRM export searches, set up the project search criteria that you want to use from the Project Search page and save the search as a CRM export.

Insight automatically runs the search nightly and the results are imported into your company's CRM application. This gives you the advantage of current and updated project information automatically delivered into your data system.

Note: Recently Updated Projects first selected appear in your export the next scheduled feed, typically the next day. After that, projects are included only when there is a significant update to the project. When creating searches, the expectation is to have bulk projects exported if Projects extends after 24 hours (Most Recently Updated). Also, your system administrator can provide you more information about the frequency of the CRM export feed.  

Managing Your CRM Searches in Insight

This section contains information about adding, removing and verifying your searches for CRM export. 

Adding a Search to Your CRM Export from the Search Results Page

To add a search to your CRM export,


Display the results of the search you want to add to your CRM export in the window. This can be a saved search or a new search.


At the top of the window, click either

  • Save > Save for a new search or

  • Save > Save As for a previously saved search.

Result: The Save Search menu is displayed.


In the Save Search menu,

  • complete any required information and then check CRM Export.

  • Click Save when you are done.

Result: The search is added to your CRM export list. You can view and manage your saved search including CRM export selections from the Manage Searches window, as described in the following section.

Tip: Projects that are selected for CRM export display the CRM export icon next to the project listing and on the project details page:

Adding and Removing CRM Export from Your Saved Searches

To add or remove CRM export from any of your saved searches,

  • Click your account name at the top of the window and then select Manage Searches.

  • In the Manage Searches window, check the box for the search in the CRM Export column to add or remove CRM export from the search.

    Note: Projects that are part of a CRM export display the CRM export icon next to a project listing and on the project details page.

Adding Individual Projects to Your CRM Export List 

To add projects to your CRM export list,

  • Display either

    • the details page for a single project or

    • the project search results list.

  • select the projects from the list that you want added to the CRM export.

  • Click Export and then click Add to CRM export.

Result: The selected projects are added to your CRM export queue. 

Verifying Projects Selected for CRM Export 

To verify that an individual project is selected for CRM export,

  • Click Watch List in the sidebar menu to display your Watch List projects. 

  • Select CRM Export Projects

Result: The list of your CRM export projects is displayed. 

Note: To remove a project from your CRM export, select the project and then click Remove from CRM Export.  

CRM Administrator's Reference Download

The Administrator's Reference for both the XML or CSV formats contains a comprehensive description of the file and file structure. Included are descriptions of the data structure, field descriptions and values, database sizing requirements, and the file download procedure.

Note: For a detailed description of the differences between the the XML and CSV schema's, click here to download the CRM schema differences document in Excel format.

Select from the following list to download the CRM Administrator's Reference for your version and format type:

ConstructConnect Web Services Administrator's Guide

You can set up the ConstructConnect Web Services to create customized data extractions from the ConstructConnect database. These services query project, company and document data and return the response to your data interface at specified intervals.

Click the following link to download the ConstructConnect Web Services Administrator's Guide: 

Need more information? For further assistance about working with CRM export integration, contact your sales representative or Customer Service.

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