Working with the Task List

The Task List is located in the Activities sidebar menu and displays the upcoming tasks for your account. Clicking on a task name displays the tasks for the section: 

  • Promote - Tasks on the Invitations to Bid from ConstructConnect General Contractors
  • Predict - Tasks for those projects matching your profile and search selections
  • Select - Tasks for the projects in your Watch List
  • Share - Tasks for projects with notes and projects shared with you  
  • Prepare - Tasks for the projects you previously sent to takeoff

Note: You can filter the list using the Filter menu on the left side of the page. 

Task List fundamentals 

The Task List provides you with solutions at every step of the pre-construction process, saving you hours each week on project discovery and organization. We use your profile preferences to predict the best leads for your company from our industry-leading project database.

We also promote your company to the largest network of general contractors in the country. These tasks on Invitations to Bid from ConstructConnect general contractors are found under the Promote tab. The tabs for Select, Share and Prepare display project tasks to investigate for project updates on your watched and shared projects, and the projects that you’ve sent to takeoff.  

We find the updates and we create tasks for you to review addenda updates, bid date changes or planholder’s list additions. You’ll never have to hunt down an update or review project details and find changes.

This section contains the following topics:   


Understanding Task List information

The following table describes the information displayed for each task in the list.  

Current TaskThe pending task for the project, such as Review/Takeoff Request or Review Bid Date Change.
Project NameThe name of the project. Clicking on the name opens the details page for the project.
LocationThe city and state for the project.
StatusThe current status of the project, such as Bidding or Post-Bid.
Bid DateThe date the project goes to bid.
Last Updated

The date of the most recent significant update to the project listing.

Filtering the Task List

You can filter your task list using the options in the Filter menu on the left side of the page. The list refreshes each time you add or remove a filtering option. Note that the currently applied filters are displayed above the project list. 

The following table describes the options you have for filtering your task list. 

Filtered By

Indicates the currently applied filtering option for the list:

  • Open - Only tasks not yet completed are displayed.
  • Completed - Only tasks you have completed are displayed.

You can select the status of the items displayed in the list:

  • Open - The action on the item is pending.
  • Completed - You can take action on the item and have marked it as Completed.
Date RangeYou can set the date range for the tasks to be displayed by using the From and To calendar options.

You can filter the list by selecting the status type from the list.

  • Click the Show options at the bottom of the list to display all of the options.

Predicted Projects

Predicted Projects are those that match your Predict Preferences for at least four criteria: 

  • Service Area
  • Trades
  • Status
  • Building Use

Predicted projects are also sent via email alert, depending on your notification settings

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