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ConstuctConnect Web Takeoff lets you prepare project plans for takeoff. You can create linear, count and area takeoff items that you can apply to any measurable building object, such as floors, walls, windows, the number of lighting fixtures, the area of a parking lot or mechanical components. 

About setting the scale

The initial and most important step in creating successful takeoff is two-step: first setting the correct scale for documents and then verifying that the scale is correct for each plan. It is critical that you follow the procedures for setting and verifying the scale to ensure that the scale set for each plan is correct.  

Understanding takeoff 

A Takeoff Item is a representation of some object that you want to measure, such as a floor, wall, footing, door, or window. Takeoff items are measured by linear, area and count.

Each takeoff object includes all the information that makes the object unique, such as name, dimensions, layer, and quantity.  Each takeoff item is used for specific objects on the plan, such as linear for walls and area for ceilings. 

Each unique building object requires a distinct takeoff item. However, you only need to create one takeoff item for identical building objects throughout the entire plan set, regardless of type.  For example, a high rise building with two different interior floor heights requires only two distinct wall takeoff items.   

ConstructConnect Takeoff

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