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Utilities Options

Utilities Options

The  PlanSwift Ribbon-bar Tab Utilities Group contains two options: Go to Page and Select Existing Item (see Figure 1) Both of these options are also available on the Right-click Menu (see Figure 2).

The Go to Page option allows you to select a takeoff value (click in the cell) on the Excel workbook spreadsheet, and then click on Go to Page to take you to the page in PlanSwift where the takeoff is located.

The Select Existing Item utility option is an especially powerful feature that allows you to assign other properties to takeoffs to save you time in preparing your estimates. For example, after you create an area takeoff, the Select Existing Item option allows you to utilize that area item as a linear item by using its linear property value. The flooring area takeoff, for instance, can also be utilized as the takeoff for the ceiling crown molding linear item by using the perimeter properties of the flooring area. The same could be applied to the baseboard molding, which is also linear.

Click here to see how to use the Go to Page option.

Click here to see how to use the Select Existing Item option.

                               Figure 1


                             Figure 2

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