Duct | Pipe | Rep | FABshop Network/Server Installation

Current Release: 4.1.3

If your company choses to employ network storage for your QuoteSoft data, you still install the product (Duct, Pipe, FabShop, etc.) on each users computer/workstation. Then, you install the related data “Server” (SQL Express) on your network server, then point your users to that location to access/save data.

System Requirements for installing on a Workstation are located here: https://constructconnect-help.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/TRAIN/pages/2198241292 . The information below details our recommendations for your network server when using network (shared) storage. Overall, you want to exceed Microsoft’s System Requirements for whatever version of SQL you’re using.

QuoteSoft supports Revit 2021 or earlier, it does not support Revit 2022.

Operating System

Windows® Server 2012 or newer, 64 Bit

You must keep your Windows system updated with all Microsoft' updates to install and continue to use our software.

Local Network Windows OS Network Servers with SSD drives or RAID arrays preferred. Offsite (WAN/remote) or Cloud-based Servers not recommended due to speed and bandwidth limitations. Using an unstable (internet) connection to connect QuoteSoft products to their databases may result in lost or corrupt data.

SQL Server

By default, QuoteSoft installs SQL Express, however, there are significant resource and size limitations that may not suit your business needs (the number of transactions and database size, for example). If you are sharing a data store (database) between users, you need to upgrade your SQL Server to Standard or Enterprise. Please contact a certified SQL installer for assistance.

CPU (Processor)

See Microsoft’s System Requirements for the Server Edition you are using. Any modern (2022) high-end processor should provide adequate performance.




64 GB RAM or more - each concurrent user uses some system resources, so maximize your system RAM to prevent performance issues. (Assume a minimum of 32GB per concurrent user for good performance.)

Hard Drive/Storage

6 GB Hard drive space for installation and 40-100GB per year/per estimator; SSD drives or RAID arrays preferred.

Microsoft SQL Express is installed with QuoteSoft products. SQL Express is limited to databases no larger than 10GB which may not meet your business needs. QuoteSoft supports Microsoft SQL 2014 Standard or Enterprise support much larger (524 petabytes) database size, adjust the size of your hard drive storage according to your business needs.



Minimum 1GBps ethernet connection (we do not recommend WiFi connections)

Must be on a domain network and not functioning as a Domain Controller

If you employ a WAN (which is not recommended), a minimum Network upload and download speed of 500 Mbps is required. As noted above, internet connections are inherently unstable (compared to an ethernet connection) and may result in lost or corrupt data.

Other Requirements

Internet connection required to license QuoteSoft products

QuoteSoft products must be installed by local Windows administrator (domain Admins may be restricted by security policy). SQL Server requires Domain Admin privileges for installation. Contact your company’s IT department for assistance with installing as “Admin”.


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