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Current Release: 4.1.4

Minimum System Requirements are just that, minimums for the software to run, however they will not provide an optimal experience for using QuoteSoft Duct 4. We also provide “Recommendations” and encourage you to meet or exceed those to make your time using Duct 4 the most productive.

If you have any questions about system requirements, installations, upgrades, performance, or storage, please contact our Support Department at 458-207-0551.

System Requirements/Installation Instructions for installing SQL on a Network Server are located here:

QuoteSoft supports Revit 2021 or earlier, it does not support Revit 2022.

Operating System

Windows® 10 Professional, Pro for Workstations, or Enterprise, 64 Bit

You must keep your Windows system updated with all Microsoft' updates to install and continue to use our software.

ConstructConnect has not tested Duct 4 on Windows 11, but there are no technical reasons it should not work. Just make sure your hardware is up to the task of running Windows and Duct 4.

CPU (Processor)


Intel i5, 2.8 GHz (9th generation)

Intel i7, 3.4GHz or faster (latest generation)



16 GB RAM (this likely will not provide acceptable performance)


32 GB RAM or more so that Windows, SQL Express, and QuoteSoft, along with any other software you run concurrently, have plenty of resources available.

Hard Drive/Storage

3 GB Hard drive space for installation and 40-100GB per year/per estimator; we recommend employing a solid state drive as they tend to have faster access times.

Microsoft SQL Express is installed with QuoteSoft products. SQL Express is limited to databases no larger than 10GB which may not meet your business needs. QuoteSoft supports Microsoft SQL 2014 Standard or Enterprise which support much larger (524 petabytes) database size.

Graphics and Displays


Minimum display resolution: 1920 x 1080

1 GB of Graphics Memory (Graphics acceleration requires Direct X 11)


Multiple monitors such as 2 - 27” HD or 1 standard and 1 4K 32” or larger, or a combination - whatever your graphics card can handle

2GB or more of Graphics Memory (with Direct X)

Other Requirements

An active internet connection required to license QuoteSoft products.

QuoteSoft products must be installed by local Windows administrator (domain Admins may be restricted by security policy). Contact your company’s IT department for assistance with installing as “Admin”.

You computer must have a locally installed and licensed installation of Microsoft Office if you want to use Excel for your reports. We include Crystal Reports to run the reports included with the program.

Installing and updating QuoteSoft products must be performed by a local system Administrator, contact your IT department for assistance.

Please disable your virus/malware protecting while installing your QuoteSoft products and be sure to create appropriate “exceptions” post-installation. Contact your virus/malware protection vendor for assistance.

Apple Users

Although you may run QuoteSoft products in Bootcamp, we do not recommend it. Users' experience will be sub-optimal.

Running QuoteSoft products within the MAC OSX environment (in Parallels, for example) is not supported.



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