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You can customize the look and feel of PlanSwift by adjusting options on the Interface Settings screen.

Color Scheme 

You can pick adjust the color-scheme of the application using the drop-down.


Black color scheme


Silver color scheme

Additional Interface Settings

  • 1. When checked shows the Under the Hood Screen Tab (but requires a password).  This allows access to some of the internal settings of PlanSwift; although you may need to make changes here, it is advisable to work with professionals when Under The Hood.
  • 2. When checked will show the Types tab in Templates. 
  • 3. When checked will show a full screen cursor rather than a smaller one.
  • 4. When checked will cause the cross hairs to be displayed on your plan images.
  • 5. When checked will show large scroll bars rather than smaller ones.
  • 6. When checked will show you tool hints.
  • 7. When checked will show you digitized information.
  • 8. Shows extra tools in the plugins, used for developers.
  • 9. Shows the option to browse for your jobs in other locations than data storage.
  • 10. Disable job lock; used as a security lock to lock other users out.
  • 11. Show ReportDesigner. Used for those with ReportDesigner training.
  • 12. Disable Estimate Grid Overtyping. Removes option to type after clicking in the estimating tab.
  • 13. Shows Auto Count Tool in the Home page.
  • 14. Enables higher ranges of DPI to be entered when pulling in plans.