General Contractor Starter Pack

First, you'll need to download and install your Starter Pack, see: Downloading, Installing, and Uninstalling a Plugin or Starter Pack

Once your new Starter Pack is installed, review: Using your new Starter Pack.

We encourage you to purchase a training package for accelerated learning and faster customization, see: for details on scheduling training.


This articles shows explains what's included in the General Contractor Starter Pack for PlanSwift® Takeoff and Estimating Software. If you encounter technical difficulty installing or using this Starter Pack, consult this guide or contact the technical support department at: 

PlanSwift® Technical Support

1-888-752-6794 ext. 2

PlanSwift also offers additional training. For training options, contact the training department at:

PlanSwift® Training Department

1-888-752-6794 ext. 4

Information on Starter Packs is available directly on the Plugins Tab in PlanSwift...


You can request a 14-day trial of any Plugin or Starter Park.

WARNING: If you create bids using the information from a Starter Pack, when the trial expires, you will no longer be edit those jobs. The information from the Starter Pack becomes inaccessible when your trial expires. 

Do not use a Trial Plugin or Starter Pack to create real-world jobs, unless you are sure you will be purchasing it. Trials are for test driving a Plugin or Starter Pack, not meant for live/working bids.

Purchasing Plugins and Starter Packs

What's in your Starter Pack

The General Contractor Starter Pack is a large library of prebuilt templates, parts, and assemblies.

Using these assemblies and parts, PlanSwift users can easily customize assemblies and parts for later use. Users can save countless hours of setup by utilizing a Starter Pack as their starting point for building custom parts and assemblies.

01 General Requirements

02 Existing Conditions

03 Concrete

04 Masonry

05 Metals

06 Wood, Plastics, and Composites

07 Thermal and Moisture Protection

08 Openings

09 Finishes

10 Specialties

11 Equipment

12 Furnishings

13 Special Construction

14 Conveying Equipment

21 Fire Suppression

22 Plumbing


25 Integrated Automation

26 Electrical

27 Communications

28 Electronic Safety and Security

31 Earthwork

32 Exterior Improvements

33 Utilities

Integrated Advanced Assemblies

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