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Developer Documentation

Developer Documentation

The PlanSwift API provides developers the documentation (much of which is "coming soon") on PlanSwift that will provide them the tools needed to develop and link applications to PlanSwift.

Before working with the API, a good understanding of the internal structure is vital and will require an Under-The-Hood (U-T-H) tab to be enabled. 


By modifying or changing anything in the back end, you may adversely affect the operation of PlanSwift. Modifications should be done in a read-only mode. If any modifications are done to the back end, those modifications will be lost when the application is re-installed.


Unless you really must do this, we recommend that you do not proceed.

PlanSwift does not provide Technical Support for this.

You are on your own!

Use at your own risk!

Should you choose to proceed anyway, you will need a password to go "under the hood" that can be obtained from your PlanSwift representative or by sending an email to

The video below will help you get started. 

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