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Enabling the AllowManualActivation Property

The “Enable Manual Activations” checkbox in the license manager has been hidden so that it is no longer available to the user. Manual Activation may still be enabled through U-T-H Settings.

To enable manual activation:

  1. Enable U-T-H (Under the Hood)

  2. Select U-T-H from the main menu, right click on “Settings” and select “Properties”

  3. In the Properties Form, click the “Advanced” button.

  4. In the “Other” section, near the bottom (before “Sales Tax 1” and “Sales Tax 2”), look for a property named “AllowManualActivation“.

  5. If this property exists, check the checkbox to set its value to “True”.

  6. If this property does not exist, create a new property called “AllowManualActivation“, with a Type of “Checkbox” and a Group of “Other”. Save the new property and then check the checkbox to set its value to “True”.

  7. Manual activation should now be enabled.


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