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Does PlanSwift Work with a Digitizer

Question: Does PlanSwift software work with a digitizer?

PlanSwift is a complete digitizer replacement and therefore removes the need to purchase a digitizer. Digitizing on screen has many powerful benefits to save time and reduce errors, using the powerful graphics capabilities of the computer.  Version 8.1 does work with GTCO digitizers using TabletWorks 10.05 or higher.

There are alternatives to using paper plans:

  • If your company has a reprographer on staff, he or she can scan these paper plans to digital format using a large format scanner
  • There are professional reprographic services available who specialize in digitizing paper plans - just check the local Yellow Pages or the Web for "Reprographic Services". ReproMax, for example, is a nationwide provider of reprographic services. For additional information on converting paper plans to digital images or to find a listing of reprographic companies in your area, please refer to the following web site:

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