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Digitizer or Scale Buttons not Working

First, make sure your PlanSwift software is activated. You may get this message even after you have purchased because the system will automatically log you off every 90 days. Go ahead and click activate and make sure you have an internet connection. If you don't have an internet connection, you will need a manual activation code.

If you need a manual activation code, you can get one here:

This issue can also be caused by plugin having problems or an expired plugin.

  1. Go to your Settings tab, and click on Plugin Manager. This will bring up your Plugin Manager.
  2. Select the plugin to be deleted.
  3. While still on the Settings tab, select Interface and put a check in the Show Types Tab in Templates Screen.
  4. Go to your Reports tab, select ACS Customer Reports, and click Delete.
  5. Go to your Templates tab, select and delete ACS Custom Types. Delete the ACS Template.Samples as well.
  6. Go to your Lists tab and delete the ACS Customs Lists.
  7. Go to your Estimating tab and delete the ACS views.
  8. Restart PlanSwift.

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