Installing the Federated Login Managed Package

The Federated login managed package enables Salesforce to access Insight project, company and contact listings from the corresponding links within Salesforce. Note that this feature requires that you have already linked your Salesforce and Insight accounts with single sign-on

Before you begin: The Salesforce Federated login managed package is a software solution that is installed by the administrator of your Salesforce account. If you are not the administrator or have questions about this procedure, please contact Customer Service or your system administrator for more information.  


To install the Federated login managed package:


Login to the Salesforce org where you want the package installed.


Click the following link to begin the installation:

Federated login managed package

Result: The Install ConstructConnect Insight Federated Login window is displayed:


Select the option Install for All Users and click Install.

Result: The installation runs and a confirmation message is displayed once the installation is complete.


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