Insight Technical Requirements

This section covers the following topics:

NOTE: The Microsoft XP operating system is not supported by Insight.

Supported Browsers and Tablets


The following browsers on Windows® platforms are compatible with the modules of the Insight platform:

  • Google Chrome™ - version 30 and higher

  • Mozilla Firefox® - version 25 and higher

  • Microsoft Edge®

NOTE: These browsers are compatible with Insight on Windows®.


  • Apple® iPad® iOS 14.0 and higher - Safari®

  • All other tablets are compatible with any of the above browsers.

Enabling Cookies

You must have your browser set to accept cookies from the following address:

Disabling Popup Blockers 

Browser-specific or add-on popup blocker software may prevent certain features of the Insight Platform from functioning correctly. You may need to disable any popup blocker software on your browser to access these features.

NOTE: For specific information about enabling cookies and disabling pop-up blocker software for your browser, refer to your browser's documentation or contact your system administrator. For further information, contact Customer Service.

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