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QuoteSoft Duct 4.0 Overview

Click the link to the right to watch a 10 minute demonstration video on QuoteSoft Duct 4.0. In this video you will learn how to create a job, create a zone, add items for takeoff calculations, and run reports to get totals. 

Be sure to scroll through all sections below, including the bottom, to see the variety of videos available to help you. Quick videos are located at the bottom of the page.

A. Getting Started

Main Menu - about 11 minutes

Overview video of the Main Menu and features available

Job File - about 6 minutes

Walk through video of the Job File and Zone management

Takeoff - about 11 minutes

Using the Takeoff tool to add items to a plan file for calculation and total

Reporting Analytics - about 8 minutes

Onscreen reporting calculations with customizations and totals

Central Data - about 9 minutes

Reviewing and modifying Data Files, Pressure Class Tables, and Catalog Items

B. Advanced Training Videos

Configuration - about 7 minutes

Creating user accounts, assigning permissions, customizing workstation options

Job File Management - about 8 minutes

Customizing Folders, labeling and grouping jobs, creating zones.

Catalog Item Setup - about 12 minutes

Creating Catalog Items instruction with a complete walk through of Catalog

Accessory Item Setup - about 10 minutes

Snap Lock Pipe, Adjustable Elbows, all Accessory Items setup and explained

Advanced Takeoff Features - about 10 mins

Scaling Optimizations, Comparison Layers, Printing Plan Files, and more advanced features

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