Setting Up Analyze

The Analyze Settings menu lets you select the default tiles to display, whether miscellaneous stage projects are returned in your results and the default country location for your searches. 

NOTE: Not all options described in this section may be available in your account. Contact your system administrator for more information.

This section contains the following topics: 

Accessing Analyze Settings 

To access the Settings menu for Analyze:

  • Click on your name, found in the upper right corner of any window, and then click Settings:

Selecting Default Analyze Tiles

You can use the Analyze Tile Settings menu to select the tiles that you want displayed. Your selections are permanent until you change them again. 

To select Analyze tiles:

  • From the Settings menu, click to open the Analyze Tile Settings menu.

  • Select or deselect the tiles that you want displayed in the Analyze window.

  • Click Save Changes.

NOTE: To edit the arrangement of the tiles in the window, see Repositioning Data Tiles

Setting Miscellaneous Stage Projects

You can have miscellaneous projects included or excluded in your search results. These are projects that have a status of CanceledDisqualified Lead, and Duplicate Project.

 To set miscellaneous stage projects:

  • From the Settings menu, click to open the Insight Settings menu. 

  • In the section for Miscellaneous Stage Projects:

    • select to either include or exclude miscellaneous projects from your search results 

    • select to include or exclude individually CancelledDisqualified Lead, or Duplicate Project

    • Click Save when you are done.

Selecting Analyze Project Location Preferences 

You can select the preferred country where your Analyze projects are located. 

  • From the Settings menu, click to open the Analyze Project Location Preferences menu.

  • Select either United States or Canada, or both.

  • Click Save Changes.

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