Using Pulse Teams

Pulse teams are created by your Insight system administrator using the Manage Teams window. This section describes the process for creating teams, assigning users to teams, and assigning roles to users.  

Note: You must be the Insight system administrator for your company to perform the steps described in this section. 

Before you begin: Your account representative must have already created individual user accounts for your company. If there are no user accounts present, or if you have questions about this procedure, contact Customer Service.

This section contains the following topics:  

Accessing the Manage Teams Window

The Manage Teams window is where you set up and manage the teams used in Pulse reporting. 

To access the Manage Teams window,

  • From any Insight window, click your name in the Welcome menu and then click Manage Teams:

Result: The Manage Teams window is displayed showing the structure for your teams: 

Note: In the above example, teams are already created and organized in a hierarchical tree order. However, you can choose to set up your teams in a straight line descending order.

Understanding the Manage Teams Window

The Manage Teams window displays the teams that are set up for your company. Included are several options for working with company teams, as described in this section:

Understanding Team Members

The following applies to teams and team members: 

  • Pulse team members are created using Insight user accounts. These user accounts are created by ConstructConnect for your company.

  • The three team roles are Customer AdministratorsTeam Administrators and Team Members.

  • Only the Customer Administrator position has write access to create and edit teams and to assign roles.

  • All teams roll up to the Customer Administrator position.

Note: You can view the names of all team members and team positions using one of the following:

  • clicking Display all Users at the top of the window:

  • clicking on the group icon in the team panel:

  • clicking on the pencil icon to display the Edit Team menu for the team. 

Understanding Team Administrative Rights 

Only certain team members have administrative rights to create and modify teams, as described in the following table. 


Allowed activity

Customer Administrator

Full administrative rights to all teams. This position can

  • create, modify and delete teams. 

  • assign roles and remove users from teams.

Team Administrator

Only assign roles and and remove team members within the resident team.

Team Member

No administrative rights.

Viewing Team History 

You can display a time-line of changes made to the teams. 

To display the section,

  • move the View Team History slider at the top of the window to display the section:

In the section, 

  • Each dot represents a change to a team.

  • Clicking on a dot displays the change made to the team.

  • You can filter the menu by using the date option at the top of the section.

Viewing the Manage Teams Change Log

The Manage Teams Change Log displays the changes made to user accounts over a period time. Included are user name and team role, date and time of change and the change event and description. 

To view the log,

  • click Change Log at the top of the window. 

Result: The Manage Teams Change Log window is displayed:



  • To filter by date, use the Start Date and the End Date options at the top of the section.

  • To export the list, click Export to Excel at the top of the section.

Creating Teams

Pulse teams are used to help you monitor the performance of the Insight users in your company. 

Note: See Understanding the Manage Teams Window for information about teams and team member descriptions.

To create teams,


Access the Manage Teams Window.

Note: If you are accessing the Manage Teams window for the first time, the default permanent company team is displayed at the top of the window. All teams branch from this team.


You can have teams displayed as a hierarchy or in a straight line. Decide where you want the new team to be located, as described in the following table.



In the Add Team menu, enter the name for the team. You can use any combination of letters and numbers.


  • Keep team names short so that the name is easy to read in the window.

  • Sequential naming is helpful to keep track of teams, such as West Div 1, West Div 2, etc.


Optionally, you may want to assign specific colors to teams. This feature is useful when viewing the team performance grid in the Pulse menu.

To assign a team color,

  • click in the Team Color box and select the color for the team.


Once you have made your selections, click Save Changes to post the team.

Result: Your team is displayed in the menu.

Tip: Clicking on the team name opens the Edit Team menu for the team. From here you can assign team roles, change the team name and the assigned color.

Assigning Team Roles

Once you create a team, you can assign team roles to the team members. Each team can have any number of users and user roles, which are Customer AdministratorTeam Administrator and Team Member


To assign team roles,


In the Manage Teams window, click the person icon on the team to which you are assigning roles:

Result: The Assign Team Members menu for the team is displayed:

The following table describes the sections of the Assign Team Members menu.



Click on the user name and then use the arrow to move the user into the Assigned Team Members box. Repeat this procedure in reverse to remove users from a team.

 Note: See Understanding Team Members for information about the roles that are played by each of the three team members.


Repeat the above step for all users you are assigning.


Once you are done, click Save and Close.

Result: The menu closes and the roles are assigned to the team.

Note: For information about how team activity is reported, see Working with Pulse.

Editing Teams and Users

The team roles of Customer Administrator and Team Administrator are able to edit both team and user settings displayed in the Manage Teams window. 

Note: See Understanding Team Administrative Rights for the specific rights assigned to these two roles. 

To edit teams,  

  • click on the team name in the Manage Teams window to open the Edit Team menu for the team: 

Choose the action to take for editing teams from the following table. 

If you want to...


If you want to...


change the team name

options for changing the team name and team color are displayed at the top of the menu, as described in the following table.


change the team color

change the team active date

  • Click the pencil icon next to the Team Active Date field.

Warning: Changing the team start date also changes the member assignment dates for this team, and if selected, for all teams branching below the team.

In the menu, enter the new active date and select one of the following:

  • Apply only to this team.

  • Apply to this team and all beams below.

add or remove a user from a team

  • In the section for Assigned Users, click Add/Remove.

  • Use the Assign Team Members menu to edit add or remove members from the team.

  • Click Save Changes when you are done.

delete a team

  • At the bottom of the menu, click the trashcan icon in the box for the team.

  • Verify your selection.

  • Click OK to remove the team.

change a team member's assigned date

  • Click the pencil icon next to the users' name in the Assigned Date column.

  • In the menu, select the start date for the user.

  • Click the check-mark to save your changes.


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