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Release Notes v. Released: 05/18/2021

The PlanSwift Engineering team is pleased to announce the release of PlanSwift Professional which includes a number of fixes and additions listed below.

For more detailed information about each feature and change, see the Detailed Release Notes. 

New Features

New Count Shapes

Added 43 new Shapes to use with Count (8 times more than original!)

Added New Shape Count Templates

Added all the new shapes as Sample Takeoff Tools in the newly labeled General Takeoff Tools section

Always Display Page Scale in UI

Added Page Scale to the UI in bottom left panel of main window


Renamed Sample Templates 

Renamed the Sample Templates Tab and Sample Templates Folders to Sample Takeoff Tools and General Takeoff Tools to make the function of the sample templates more clear for new users

Updated Sample Project

Updated the Sample Project to include ConstructConnect branding, a commercial plan set, a residential plan set, and new introduction page to assist new and trial users with getting started

Performance Improved with Item Indexing

Performance gains related to Item Order Indexing 

Updated Confusing Terminology

Changed wording from "Remove" licenses to "Deactivate" licenses


Improved Auto-Deactivation to include 2 new options for hiding deactivation messages

Number of Days Remaining until Next Reactivation Date

Added number of days remaining until Next Reactivation Date on Activation Success messages

Link to MyAccount Portal 

Added a link to the MyAccount Portal on the Activation screens to make it easier and faster to open MyAccount from within the application for license management

Better messaging for Activation

Added better messaging for email and password errors, insufficient seats, expired trials and more

Updated Welcome Message

Improved Welcome Message for new installations of PlanSwift

Getting Started Page Logic

Better logic, tied to user entitlements, for how and when to show the PlanSwift Tab and the Getting Started Pages displayed on it. Home Tab will be displayed more often now with this new logic.


Item Order Indexing

Fixed issue with items not correctly indexing after changes to the item order in the Estimating grid.

Error Message on New Notes

Fixed error when adding new note from the left side window

Scroll bar Property out of Range

Fixed issue with Scrollbar property out of range when opening the Commercial Sample project

Time, Date and Region Forma

Fixed issues with Time, Date and Region format not matching Windows System in the application causing activations to fail.

Z-Order of modals

Fixed issues with Activation messages falling behind main application window and not staying on top

Fixed Sample CSI Assemblies

Fixed inheritance issues on 14 CSI Assemblies for Parts not properly connected and inheriting values from the parent item. 

Segment Wall Area

Fixed issue with Segment Wall Area and Linear Wall Area being the same item type 

Known Issues

  • PlanSwift Connect - Imported Job (last opened job) does not automatically open on screen after restart PlanSwift. Users can still open it as a workaround, but it should automatically open. (Will be fixed in future release)
  • Deleted Pages Recycle Bin Folder not periodically clearing - Deleted Pages are stored in a folder called Recycle Bin that should clear periodically to free up space on the users drive. Users can manually delete it or clear it as a workaround, but it should be automated to clear periodically. (Will be fixed in future release)

Release Notes History

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