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Release Notes v. Released: 07/21/2021

The PlanSwift Engineering team is pleased to announce the maintenance release of PlanSwift which includes multiple Bug fixes.


Recent Documents

Recent Documents list was not updating correctly after the initial release of 10.3

Reorder Properties in Advanced View

Reordering properties in the Advanced View of the Item Properties was causing an error that locked up the application

Delete Bookmarks

Deleted bookmarks would reappear in the Bookmarks view

Box Markup Settings

Modifying the default settings for the Box Markup tool was not working

Activation Window Label

New Activation Window label was mislabeled with "Activate Trial"

New Shape Count Types in Updater

New Shape Count Types were not installing with the updater 

Sample Tools Tab in Updater

New Sample Tools tab was not installing with the updater

Known Issues

  • PlanSwift Connect - Imported Job (last opened job) does not automatically open on screen after restart PlanSwift. Users can still open it as a workaround, but it should automatically open. (Will be fixed in future release)
  • Deleted Pages Recycle Bin Folder not periodically clearing - Deleted Pages are stored in a folder called Recycle Bin that should clear periodically to free up space on the users drive. Users can manually delete it or clear it as a workaround, but it should be automated to clear periodically. (Will be fixed in future release)

Release Notes History

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