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Release Notes 10.2 (3/28/2018)

The PlanSwift Engineering team is pleased to announce the release of PlanSwift Professional 10.2. PlanSwift 10.2 release includes a number of new Features, Changes, and Bug fixes.

Along with this product update, PlanSwift is pleased to announce updated or new Starter Packs: General Contract Starter Pack, Commercial Roofing Starter Pack, and Site Utility Starter Pack.

See How to Trial or Purchase Plugins and Starter Packs for more information on Starter Packs.


Select Existing Item Search

Added the ability to search for an item in the Select Existing Item window in the PlanSwift Integration to Excel

Added current CSI codes

Added current CSI codes from 2014 format to folders in new Template Tabs

New Estimating layouts

Added four new estimating layouts to the Estimating Tab

PlanSwift Ribbon-bar Tab in Excel

Added a PlanSwift Ribbon-bar Tab to Excel

New Sample Assemblies

Added more than thirty new sample assemblies and eight new custom assemblies


New Sample Plan pages

Added eight new Sample Plan pages with preset scales for doing demos and testing custom user-defined templates, parts and assemblies

New Template tabs

Added three new tabs to Templates

Updated Integration

Updated PlanSwift Integration to Excel to work with current versions of Microsoft Excel and .xlsx and .xltx file extensions

Updated Right-click Menu

Updated Excel Integration Right-click Menu

Updated Select Existing Item functionality

Updated the ability to link to values of properties (or multiple properties) of existing takeoff items in PlanSwift

License Agreement updates

Verbiage updates to License Agreement

New Icons

New Icon Set for all ribbon bars and toolbars


Fix for CMU and Brick Parts

Fixed CMU and Brick parts in Sample Parts to have Length and Height inputs instead of Length and Width inputs for the surface area of block and brick faces

Fix for Basic Area Template

Fixed a calculation issue for unit conversion on the Basic Area template in Sample Templates

Fix for Concrete Round Column part

Fixed issue with the diameter not calculating correctly on the Concrete Round Column part in the Sample Parts

Fix for Modular Brick part

Fixed the Modular Brick (priced EA) in the Linear/Segment Takeoffs folder from the Sample Parts

Fix for Fastener material parts

Fixed all Fastener material parts in the Inherit Qty from Parent folders from the Sample Parts

Known Issues


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