EarthWork Pro v3 Plugin - Overview and Contents

** Read this first ** This plugin requires the images to be in TIF format. Earthwork Pro cannot calculate volumes when performing takeoff on PDF pages. PDF pages must be converted to TIF images before you digitize contours or spot elevations.

PlanSwift 11 Known Issue

The EarthWorks Pro v.3 cannot be installed within PlanSwift 11.

Work-around: install PlanSwift before you install PlanSwift 11. Then install the EarthWorks Pro plug-in through PlanSwift 10. Then, upgrade to PlanSwift 11 - be sure to leave the "Install To" folder "PlanSwift 10" so the installer performs an upgrade, not a side-by-side installation. This folder gets renamed "PlanSwift" during the installation process, but EarthWorks Pro will continue to work when you launch and license PlanSwift 11.



The Earthwork Pro Plugin adds several tools and templates into PlanSwift.

On the Home Tab you will have a new ribbon group labeled Earthwork Pro V3 with three new buttons...


Depending on your screen size, you may see them stacked in the Earthwork Pro V3 section of the ribbon...

This guide explains how to properly use the tools and features found within the Earthwork Pro* plugin. Be sure the watch the videos to get help with how to start and finish a job. This guide is not meant to be a step-by-step “walk through” document, although it can be used as a reference for getting the work done. Primarily, it is designed to cover tools and features in more detail than in the videos.

*Version 3.0 now includes Standard and Metric Templates in one plugin.

Changes from V2:

Spot Elevations

Earthwork Pro allows you to input Spot Elevations and then triangulate the points

Working Space

Earthwork Pro has a feature that allows you to add extra space for workers to your digitized areas. Refer to Digitizing Existing & Proposed in this guide.

What's Included


On the right hand window you will have a new set of templates as part of the dropdown menu...


On the Estimating Tab you will have a new set of Estimating Layouts contained within a folder labeled Earthwork Pro Layouts...


Standard and Metric

On the Templates Tab you will have two new tabs for templates. One labeled EarthWorkPro V3 and the other EarthWorkPro V3 Metric...


The distinction for Standard and Metric is discussed later in this article.


On the Reports Tab you will have a new set of Reports contained within a folder labeled Earthwork Pro Reports...

More Plugins and Starter Packs

Information on Plugins and Starter Packs is available directly on the Plugins Tab in PlanSwift...

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