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Advance 1: IF - THEN - ELSE Statement (Pascal Expression)

IF (condition) THEN (result:=  ) ELSE (result:=  )

  • If (condition): User can use any normal operators or formulas which can be inserted in (condition). When the condition is true, It will give the result.

Tip: The condition can be isolated in parentheses ( ) to organize better (not necessary but good practice)

If ([property]<0)

If ('[property]' = 'Text')

If ([property] + 10)

  • Then (result:=  ): This is the result of the if statement when the above condition is true. Users can use any normal operators or formulas here. 

Caution: The returned value for the result will need to share the same type, being either a text or number, with the "inherited-from" property.

Then (result:=[property])

Then (result:='[property]') (if the property type is a text)

Then (result:=[property]-10) (if property type is a number)

  • Else (result:=  ): When the (condition) is not true, it cannot give the output in "THEN (result:=)". Instead it returns an alternative result that is Else (result:=  ).  

Example : If a equals 10 then d will display "It is correct". If a does NOT equal to 10 then d will display "It is NOT correct"


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