Card View (CCPI Professional Subscribers)

For ConstructConnect Project Intelligence Pro subscribers, Bid Center now includes a new Card (Kanban) view that improves team collaboration and communication, and makes it easy to prioritize your active projects. Each card shown below represents a single project, collectively representing your invitations to bid (ITBs); subscription projects from ConstructConnect that have been added to your Bid Center; and projects added by anyone in your organization.

Each card also features high-level information about that project to help you sort and prioritize your bid pipeline, specifically:

  • Project Name

  • Location

  • Bid Date

  • Start Date

  • Company*

  • Project Phase

  • Project Assignee

  • Match Score

  • Source**

  • Documents

  • Notes

*In this field, ITBs or custom projects reflect the name of the company that sent you the original invitation. Subscription projects will show the company name as “Public”.

**The source field indicates where the project originally initiated (i.e., ITB, Subscription, Custom, Shared).

Watch this video to get a quick overview of all of Card View’s capabilities.

Accessing Project Documents / Attachments

For those projects with documents attached, you will see a Document icon on its corresponding card. By hovering over the Document icon, you will see the types of attachments for that project. Click on the icon to view the documents in more detail (a new window will open).

Customizing and Sorting Cards

You can customize your cards to display as much (or as little) information as you need to quickly make a decision about that project. Start by clicking on the Customize Card Data icon in the top-right hand corner of the main navigation bar. This will open a new menu of all the information fields that you can choose to display on your card. Next, click on the fields you wish to include (or deselect). Click Close when you are done. The system will automatically update all your cards with your new selections.

If you wish to return to having all the above fields appear on your cards, simply click on the Customize Card Data icon again. When the menu opens, click on the Reset to Default button at the bottom left of that menu, then click close. This will overwrite any adjustments you made to these settings.

You can also sort each of the stages in your active bid pipeline by either Name (A to Z or Z to A) or Bid Date (Descending or Ascending) in the Sort By drop-down menu in top-right hand the right corner of the main navigation bar.

After you have selected your card data and sort preferences, click Save View As to make it easier to get to your working view the next time you login to the system.

Moving Cards Through the Active Bid Pipeline

To change the status of a project in your Bid Center, click on the project card and drag it from one status column (e.g., Under Review) and drop it in your new status column (e.g., Bidding). This will automatically update the status of your project in all your Bid Center views, as well as on its associated Project Details Page.

From this view, you can also use Bid Center's built-in filters to sort your projects according to project status, project assignments, location and events, like bid date to further sort and manage your projects. You can also access your inactive or archived projects from this view at any time.

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