Calendar Sync (CCPI Professional Subscribers)

As a CCPI Professional subscriber, you can choose to sync your Bid Center project events to your personal calendar. Using this feature enables you to keep up with all the important project dates. All synced events will be updated automatically for you in the calendar of your choice.


  • Synced events are based on your filter selection. 

  • Filter selection can be updated and resynced at any time.

  • Frequency of sync refreshes is defined by your personal calendar.

  • Last Sync Date is displayed in the Calendar Sync Settings menu to monitor for potential connection issues.

  • Multiple personal calendars can be synced simultaneously.

First, go to the Sync Settings button on the top right. Click to open the sync menu, then click Add.

There are two ways to sync your personal calendar with the Calendar view in Bid Center:


In the Calendar view, apply filters to select events that you want to be synced to your personal calendar.



Click on the Calendar Sync button (shown below).


Next, click on the Manual / Other Calendar link button.


Copy the sync link (shown below) and paste it into the subscribed calendar field of your calendar (field name depends on your calendar provider). Once you have copied the link, click OK to close the window.

After you sync your calendar, you can click on the Calendar Sync button to determine the last sync date and timestamp of the last request received from your personal calendar; see the current filters applied to this view; and an option to update your synced filters or add another external calendar. 

If the Last Sync Date timestamp is older than 48 hours, it means that your personal calendar may be not up to date. To ensure that you have the most current information in your Calendar View, you should re-sync your personal calendar to ensure the event updates keep flowing (by repeating the sync set-up steps).

After you have completed your Calendar Sync set-up, any further changes to your ConstructConnect Bid Center filters will not affect your synced events. To update and replace your previously synced events, click here for instructions.


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