Project Intelligence (Subscription) Project Details Page

The Project Intelligence (Subscription) PDP includes all of the available information for a project is continually updated by the ConstructConnect Content Team to ensure you get timely updates and accurate information.

Jump to a section to get more information about what you’ll find in the Project Intelligence PDP:

  1. What’s New!

    1. Bid Date Notes

    2. Document Acquisition Details

    3. Watch a Company from the Contacts List

  2. Project Header

  3. Project Information

    1. Events

    2. Details

    3. Documents

      1. Viewing Documents

      2. Sending Documents to ConstructConnect Takeoff

      3. Sending Documents to Web Takeoff

    4. Location

    5. Description

  4. Contacts

  5. Trades

  6. Share and Other Project Options

  7. Bid Center

  8. Match Score, Task List, and Notes

What’s New!

Releasing in July 2021 we will now include Bid Date notes and Document Acquisition Details in the project details page. Another new feature to look out for is the ability to Watch a company directly from the Contacts list!

Bid Date Notes

If there are further details to be known about the Bid Date you will now see that displayed directly below the Bid Date

Document Acquisition Details

When the Document status for a project is Project Details Only you will now see details on how to acquire documents. The details include who to get documents from, how much they cost, and any notes about the documents.

Watch a Company from Contacts list

Now when you’re checking out the companies and people involved with the project in the Contacts list you can add the company to your Company Watch List (also known as Favorite Companies in Predict Preference).

To add the company to your Watch List click on the star icon. Also, you’ll know when any of your favorite companies are already attached to a project by checking out the star in their Contact row or card.

For example, the company Brilliant Designs is one of my favorite companies and I can see that it’s a Watched Company since the star is glowing yellow:

Project Header

The Project Header includes the Project Name, Watch List Indicator, Project Status, Last Updated time, and View History.





Project Name

Full Project Name

Project Status

Select any Bid Center status to add this project to your Bid Center

Watch List Indicator

Click on star to add or remove a project from your Watch List

Last Updated Time

The date and time of the most recent significant update to the project.

View History

Click to view the change history for the project by the type of change, the user making the change, the date and time of the change and any notes for the change.

Project Information

Project Information includes Events, Details, Documents, Location, and Description.


Events section includes all the important events that you need to know about for the project. The ConstructConnect Content Team keeps these events updated so you’ll never miss a Pre-bid Meeting or Bid Date.

Bid Date and Start Date will always be highlighted.


The Details section contains general information about the project including the information shown below:





Project ID

The ConstructConnect ID for this project

Solicitation #

The agency specific project number for a municipality or state or federal agency, such as the park bench replacement solicitation number 12345 for the Department of Parks. Note that there can be multiple solicitation numbers, each representing separate agencies.


The stage of the project, such as GC Bidding or Post Bid

Bid Type

The type of bid for the project, such as Pre-Qual/Invited GC or Bidding as Prime


The area of work for the project, such as Private.


The total estimated value of the project.

Project Type

The type of project work, such as New Construction.

Building Use

The end use of the project, such as Water / Sewer

Set Asides

The percentage of work that is set aside for minority and other special interest concerns.


The percentage of financial amounts for bonding.


The Documents section displays a list and count of documents for the project. Document types can include:

  • Plans

  • Specifications

  • Addenda

  • Other

You can view or download project documents and send documents to either web takeoff or ConstructConnect Takeoff.  

NoteConstructConnect Takeoff may not be available for your account. Contact your sales representative or ConstructConnect Customer Service for more information. 

Viewing Documents

To access the documents for a project, you can either 

  • click View/Download Documents in the Documents section or

  • click on any of the document count numbers in the section. 

Result: The document viewer opens in a separate window. See Working with document viewer for more information. 

Sending Documents to ConstructConnect Takeoff

You can send documents to ConstructConnect Takeoff from the project details page or from the document viewer:

  • from the Documents section of the project details page, click Send To Takeoff

  • click View/Download Documents or any document counter to open document viewer then click ConstructConnect Takeoff in the upper right side of the window.  

Sending Documents to Web Takeoff

You can send documents to Web Takeoff from the document viewer:

  • click View/Download Documents or any document counter to open document viewer then click the Web Takeoff tab at the top of the document tree. 

Result: The web takeoff window is displayed with the project documents loaded in the menu. For more information, see Working with web takeoff


The Location section contains the physical address of the project. Clicking on the map opens the project location in a new window using Google Maps™ mapping service.  


The Description section contains a text description of the project and scope. When present, clicking Show More at the bottom of the section displays the remaining text of the entry. 


The Contacts section is divided between All, Design Team, Bidders and Planholders. 

The number next to a category represents the total number of contacts for the category. Click the tabs at the top of the section to view the different contact types.  

You can also:

  • Use Quick Search menu to locate contacts quickly. 

  • Watch a Company that you see in Contacts to add them to your Company Watch List and Favorite Companies list. 

  • Sort by Name, Email, or Bid Value


The Trades section lists the trades associated with the project. Click the tabs at the top of the section to switch between viewing all trades and the trades that align with the trades you selected in Predict Preferences (Only My Trades). 

The number next to All or Only My Trades represents the number of trades for that category. 

The line for each Division displays the Division Number and the count of Trade Codes for that Division participating in the project.

To see all of the trades for a Division associated with the project, 

  • click anywhere on the line for the Division.  

To expand all Divisions, 

  • click Expand All at the top of the section. 

To locate a specific Division or Trade Code, 

  • enter the code for either the Division or Trade in the Quick Search box at the top of the section and press Enter

Share and Other Project Options

You can share, print, download, or hide a Project Intelligence (Subscription) project. The print, download, and hide options are all found by clicking on the 3 dot button.






Share this project with anyone via email.

Print as PDF

Click to print the project details page as a formatted PDF.

Download as CSV

Use to download the listing as a comma separated value (CSV) spreadsheet.

Download as Excel

Use to download the listing as an excel spreadsheet.


Use to hide the project. The listing appears grayed out in future search results.

Reverse the procedure (unhide) to show the project again.

Bid Center

Once a Project Intelligence (Subscription) project is added to your Bid Center then you can assign the project to anyone in your company, add your estimated value or an internal ID.

Match Score, Task List, and Notes

The side bar menu that includes the Bid Center section also gives you access to your Match scores, Task List and any Notes added to the project, as described in the table below. 





Match Score

The Match Score displays a ranking of how well the project matches your profile preferences. 

Task List

Tasks for you to perform that relate to the project.


Notes for the projects added by you or another member of your company. The number of notes is shown next to the section name.

To create a note

  • enter the note in the box

  • Click and select a due date

  • If required, select Send Reminder. This sends a reminder of the note to your email address on the note due date.

Click Add Note to complete the task.