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Razing a Building

 Complete demolition of a structure.

Record Drawings

see As-Built Drawings

Reimbursable Expenses (or Costs)

Amounts expended for or on account of the project which, in accordance with the terms of the appropriate agreement, are to be reimbursed by the owner.

Release of Lien

A written action properly executed by and individual or firm supplying labor, materials or professional services on a project which releases his mechanic's lien against the project property. (see Lien)

Renovation vs. Remodel

 Renovation is mainly cosmetic, remodel deals with structural changes.

Replacement Cost Estimate

A cost of constructing a building or structure that would have similar utility, but constructed with modern materials, current building standards, design and layout less depreciation. A land value and cost of on-site improvements can be added if desired.

Request For Information (RFI)

Solicitation of information from potential bidders to clarify project requirements or a written request from a contractor to the owner or architect for clarification or information about the contract documents following contract award. Does not involve an actual bid and award.

Request For Proposals (RFP)

Solicitation for bid proposals to potential bidders to include a project proposal and cost estimate. May be followed by a project award. The RFP usually contains a specific scope of work.

Request For Qualifications (RFQ)

 Solicitation for price and delivery quotations. May be used to determine a short list of qualified bidders.

Resident Architect

An architect permanently assigned at a job site who supervises the construction work for the purpose of protecting the owner's interests during construction.

Resident Engineer (inspector)

An individual permanently assigned at a job site for the purpose of representing the owner's interests during the construction phase.


A version or issue of a drawing. Many times, there are several revisions or versions of a drawing that include incremental changes.

Roll Out

A loose term used to describe the rapid succession (completion) of similar projects over a given time period.

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