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Daily Construction Report

A written document and record that has two main purposes:

  1. they furnish information to off-site persons who need and have a right to know important details of events as they occur daily and hourly, and

  2. they furnish historical documentation that might later have a legal bearing in cases of disputes. Daily reports should be as factual and impersonal as possible, free from the expression of personal opinions and feelings. Each report should be numbered to correspond with the working days established on the progress schedule. In the event of no-work days, a daily report should still be made, stating "no work today" ( due to rain, strike, or other causes). The report includes a description of the weather; a record of the total number of employees, subcontractors by name, work started and completed today, equipment on the job site, job progress today, names and titles of visitors, accidents and/or safety meetings, and a remarks column for other job related information.

Date of Agreement

  1. Usually on the front page of the agreement

  2. If not on front page it may be the date opposite the signatures when the agreement was actually signed

  3. or when it was recorded

  4. or the date the agreement was actually awarded to the contractor.

Date of Commencement of the Work

The date established in a written notice to proceed from the owner to the contractor.

Date of Substantial Completion

The date certified by the architect when the work or a designated portion thereof is sufficiently complete, in accordance with the contract documents, so the owner may occupy the work or designated portion thereof for the use for which it is intended.

Demising Wall

A wall that runs from the floor to the upper deck - used to separate tenants or isolate rooms.


See Drawings


A method to deliver a project in which the design and construction services are contracted by a single entity known as the design–builder or design–build contractor. The architect firm may be a separate entity teaming with a builder to work on a project. Label them separately as architect and GC if so. Label as DB if one firm will do design and construction.

Design-Construct Contract

A written agreement between and contractor and owner wherein the contractor agrees to provide both design and construction services.

Design Development

 Involves technical aspects of materials and building systems and seeks to define the final scope. Design development often produces floor plans, sections and elevations with full dimensions. These drawings typically include door and window details and outline material specifications.

Design Stage

 The drawings are created by the Architect and vetted by engineers, and the spec book is written by the specification writer.


As related to construction drawings, a Detail is a graphical representation of a building component, location, or elevation showing materials, composition, and dimensions.

Direct Cost (or expense)

Expenses associated with the cost of materials and labor, before tax and burden are added. All items of expense directly incurred by or attributable to a specific project, assignment or task. Direct Costs, Hard Costs, and Construction Costs are synonymous. (see Construction Costs and Hard Costs)

Disaster Recovery

Set of policies and procedures to follow during the recovery of our infrastructure from any type of outage.

Divisions of Work

 Categorical breakdown of the trades involved in construction. Can be defined in two standard formats


(aka Plan, Image, Drawing, Sheet)

1.) The visual representation of an architectural drawing on-screen for the purpose of viewing, measuring, and constructing a building or other structure/site.

2.) A term used to represent that portion of the contract documents that graphically illustrates the design, location and dimensions of the components and elements contained in a specific project

3.) A line drawing.


The length of an activity, excluding holidays and other non-working days.

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