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Creating Projects and Downloading Documents from ConstructConnect Bid Center (CCBC) and Project Intelligence (CCPI)

The ConstructConnect Platform Plugin allows you to download project documents (plans, specs, and other documents) directly from ConstructConnect platform applications into PlanSwift.

Here's a video to help you get started...


  • You must have PlanSwift v.10.2 or 10.3 installed (licensed and viewer-modes are both supported) (PlanSwift 11 is not working with PS-Connect at this time)
  • You must be registered for a ConstructConnect platform account (free and paid accounts are supported)
  • You must log into PS-Connect with the same login as you use for the web site (

To import a project from or Bid Center,

  • Select the View/Download Documents button to open the Document Viewer

  • Select the documents you wish to push to PlanSwift by clicking each checkbox next to the page, or click the Select All button to select all the documents
  • When the desired documents are selected, click the Open With button

  • Select PlanSwift from the menu
  • A window opens allowing you to send the project to PlanSwift

  • If this is the first time you have sent a project to PlanSwift, you need to download and install the PlanSwift Connect utility. Click Download Now next to "PlanSwift® Connect" to download the PlanSwift Connect integration MSI file (PSConnect.msi)
  • When the download completes, run the file to install
    • You must enter the same log-in and password you use to log in to to install the PlanSwift Connect utility properly
  • If you have not already installed PlanSwift, you'll need to do that, too. Click "Download Now" next to "PlanSwift®" to download the latest version of PlanSwift.

  • Once the installations are complete (or if you've already installed PlanSwift and PlanSwift Connect), return to the web page and click button that reads "I have PlanSwift, Send Project Now" 

The first time you send a project to PlanSwift your browser will likely display a pop-up window warning you that the site is attempting to open "ApplicationLauncher.exe". You can select the "Always allow" checkbox so you do not get this message every time.

Additionally, each time you download a project from the platform, the Connect utility checks to see if there are any updates available. You will see an "Installing Latest Version..." loading bar before the project is imported into PlanSwift.

  • PlanSwift opens and the plans begin downloading. Depending on the size of the project you are importing this may take a few minutes to complete

When the download/import is finished, click on the Pages Tab - all selected Pages (we only selected one) are named and put into folders the same way they were in the Document Viewer on

Project Updates

Each time you use the "Open with..." option in Document Viewer, PlanSweft creates a <em>new</em> Project; it does not update the existing Project. This way, there is no risk of overwriting any of your existing work. You can use the files that get downloaded as Overlays in your original Project, or copy/paste takeoff and markups from the original to the new Project - whatever works better for you.

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