01. Introduction


New to QuoteSoft Duct 3.0 is the Onscreen Plan Takeoff. Onscreen removes the need for a digitizer pen and paper prints, while still giving estimators the ability to input directly from the engineering drawings.

Onscreen allows users to import a drawing file (such as .pdf, .dwg, .tif, and more) into QuoteSoft Duct and display it on the computer monitor.

Takeoff is performed with the mouse instead of a digitizer pen, and Onscreen icons allow users to scale ductwork, pipe and add fittings and equipment.

Instead of paying for deposits on prints or the upkeep on your own plotter you can now import digital plan files and keep all documentation within the QuoteSoft Duct program.

Using the Onscreen Attachments feature will allow you to store your plan files within the job file and reopen any bid without the worry of finding the print.

No longer are you required to have stacks and stacks of prints taking up valuable office space, store the files within the job instead.

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