02. Computer and Monitor

QuoteSoft Duct is not Mac compatible.

Minimum PC System Requirements

PlatformWindows 7 Pro or Windows 10 Pro
Processor Speed2.80 GHz
Memory8 GB of RAM
Hard Drive Space200 GB Hard Drive (20 GB per year, per estimator)
Video Card1 GB Video Card or better
Additional RequirementsMicrosoft Office 2010 or newer

For a full list of System Requirements please click here.

Monitor Recommendations

One Monitor Setup: it is recommended to use a 24″ monitor recommended, 27″ preferred. It is required to have the Takeoff window visible as well as the Onscreen viewer, limiting the available plan space.

Dual Monitor Setup (Recommended): at least one 24″ monitor or better.

Large LCD TVs can be used; however, it is recommended to purchase an LCD with a resolution of 1080p.

Configuration Tips

It is recommended to have the main Takeoff window on what is your primary monitor. Optimal configuration would have primary on the left and secondary on the right. All progress bars and pop up alerts will appear on the primary window, regardless of which orientation is selected.

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