Legacy Duct Training Path

Step 1: Getting Started

1Adding Users
2Video Training, KB Help, Request Support
3Review Required Setup Info
4Basic Onscreen Takeoff
5Exporting to Excel FES
Time:90 Minutes

Step 2: Setting Up

1Data File & Pressure File Relationships
2Data File Walkthrough
3Pressure File Walkthrough (Rect & Round)
4Accessory File Walkthrough
5Catalog Walkthrough
Time:90 Minutes

Step 3: Tips and Tricks

1Converting Plan Files
2Using Global Wizard
3Copy and Paste
4Default Colors by System
5Create New and Clone Zone
Time:90 Minutes

Step 4: Reporting Options

1Top 3 Crystal Reports
2Understanding the FES

Customizing the FES

4Building Formulas
5Using the Pivot Table
Time:90 Minutes

Step 5: Labor & Setup Evaluation

1Understanding Labor Calcs
2Evaluating Labor Hours

Making Adjustments

4Qualifying Duct Standards
5Backing Up Datafiles
Time:90 Minutes

Step 6: Advanced Takeoff

2Zone Layer Tool
3Related Zones
4Compare Plan Files
5Save Plan File Images
Time:90 Minutes

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