00. Quick Start to Takeoff Tutorial

This tutorial will guide a user through getting started with QuoteSoft Duct. Basic steps needed to create a Job and complete a Zone takeoff. Then exporting the zone to excel Bid Summary.

For a full walk through and videos please visit Duct 4.0 Training Site

Getting Started

Click the Job File button on the Main Menu

Select the Folder in the Folder List you wish to create the new job in

Click the New Job button on the top of the Job List

Type in the name of the Job to create

Type in the Estimator name, Job contact name, and select Bid Date

When complete, click Create Job button

Copy and Paste (or drag and drop) plan files into the attachments window

Click New Zone button on the top of the Zone List

Select the plan file from the drop down menu

Select the Pressure Classes needed (Rectangular, Round, Catalog)

Click Create Zone button

Use mouse wheel to zoom in and out and middle click (push down on mouse wheel) to pan the plan file to a location to measure for scale

Click Set Scale button (red border)

Click first point then second point of scaled length, type in length scaled in feet or inches

Using the item palettes complete your Takeoff

Using the yellow Rectangular palette select and place your rectangular items

Using the blue Round palette select and place your round/spiral items

Using the blue Oval palette select and place your oval items

Using the bookmarks palette select and place your low pressure Snaplock items

Using the catalog palette select and place your equipment items

Click the Job File button in the File menu top left of Takeoff

Click the Reports button on the left of the Job File screen

In the Reports palette select QS Duct Summary and click Create

Excel will open and show you the results of your Takeoff

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