General Configuration

The Configuration menu allows control of System and Workstation settings. This is also where users are added to the program and their access is controlled.

Workstation Settings

Recent Activity List – the recent jobs/zones list on the Main Menu. You can control the length of the recent time line.

Window Control – by checking to center newly opened windows all popup windows will be centered over the main program window.

Default Actions – by checking to not prompt for workstation save, the program will always save changes to the workspace.

Scaling Optimizations – allow the user to control how takeoff rounds the scaled duct and pipe lengths

General Options – various takeoff controls for the behavior and appearance of takeoff for each workstation.

System Settings

Any changes made to the System settings are used by all workstations

Job File Settings

Active Edits – this option will lock the Job Info and Zone Info palettes so the user cannot modify the info of either without hitting Edit Info.

Folder and Job Numbering – you can set the standard on how the folders and jobs should be auto numbered.

Available Fields – the fields available for Folders and Jobs can be controlled here.

Users and Security

Users List – administrators can add, remove, or modify users on the list. Permissions are determined by groups.

Group List – administrators can add, remove, or modify a group.

The permissions are set on the group level, then the group applied to a user.

Central Options – options regarding defaults such as hanger spacing and field installation adjustment factors for conditions.

Setup – company setup information.

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