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Importing a Job from ConstructConnect using PS-Connect

You can import projects found through ConstructConnect Project Intelligence or from Bid Center on directly into PlanSwift v. 10.3.0.xx and higher!

PS-Connect only works with PlanSwift versions 10.3.00 and higher.

In the latest update to PS-Connect (7/19/2023), we addressed a few issues:

  • PS-Connect is now compatible with PlanSwift 11.
  • PS-Connect is now compatible with Windows 11 Professional and Enterprise.
  • We fixed an issue that was causing plans to be slightly re-sized upon download.

To import a project from ConstructConnect Project Intelligence or Bid Center (,

  • Select the View/Download Documents button on the Product Details Page to open the Document Viewer

  • Select the documents you wish to import to PlanSwift by clicking each checkbox next to the page, or click the Select All button to select all the documents (or leave them all unchecked to download all)
  • When you've selected the documents you want to download, click the Open With button
  • Select PlanSwift from the menu
  • A window opens allowing you to send the project to PlanSwift 10.3.0.xx or newer

  • If this is the first time you have sent a project to PlanSwift, click PlanSwift Connect - Download Now button(you must download the PS-Connect.msi and run it to install PS-Connect before you try to download a project). If you have already installed PS-Connect, you can skip this.
  • When the PS-Connect download completes, run the file to install, you will have to approve the installation in Windows User Account Control.
  • If you have not installed PlanSwift yet, click PlanSwift - Download Now button to download the latest version of PlanSwift. Run this installer to install PlanSwift, then return to the Send to PlanSwift page.
  • Once you have installed PlanSwift and PS-Connect, return to the download page and select I Have PlanSwift - Send Project Now button

The first time you send a project to PlanSwift you may get an additional pop-up window warning you that the site is attempting to open PlanSwift. You can select the "Always allow" checkbox so you do not get this message every time.

Click Open ApplicationLauncher.exe

If there are pending updates to the PS-Connect, you see an "Installing Latest Version..." loading bar before the project can be sent to PlanSwift.

A status message displays in the lower-right corner of your main Windows screen.

Enter your ConstructConnect Platform user name (the e-mail address you use to log into and password.

Once authenticated, the project download begins, and a status message keeps you updated on progress:

After the project downloads and is processed, PlanSwift opens and you can navigate the Pages, in the same organization structure as they were online:

Depending on the size of the Project you are importing this may take a few minutes to complete.

Need Higher Image Quality?

When you download project plans through PlanSwift-Connect, they are converted to 96 DPI TIFF files. If you notice significant quality degradation, simply download the files as a ZIP from DocViewer and then load them into PlanSwift manually. See Working with document viewer#Downloadingdocuments for more information on download files from DocViewer into a ZIP and Start a New Job for details on creating a new job in PlanSwift.

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