Working with Sync Requests

The Sync Requests window displays the companies and associated trades in the ConstructConnect database with information that does not match the same companies in your account Directory. You can use the window to see a side-by-side comparison and to determine if you want to accept or reject the suggested changes. Any changes you make are recorded and marked in the list going forward.   

To accept or reject the changes, 

  • click to select the company and then click Accept or Dismiss

Sorting the list

You can sort the list by the following fields. Note that the current sort field is indicated with a check-mark. 

  • Contact Name A - Z
  • Contact Name Z - A
  • Company Name A - Z 
  • Company Name Z - A
  • Change Date (Newest)
  • Change Date (Oldest)
  • Location A - Z
  • Location Z - A

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