A. Central Data - Pressure Class

Click the Rectangular Pressure Class folder to view the list of available pressure classes. There is no limit to the number of pressure classes you can have in the program.

Use Edit and Duplicate buttons to modify the pressure class files. Right click a pressure class to set your default to use in creating new zones.

Click a Pressure Class in the navigation tree to expand the options available within the pressure class table. Labor hours, construction standards, and general options can all be modified.

Click the Items arrow to expand and see the items available in the Pressure Class. You will also see a list of items to the right with options.

Clicking an item and using Global Edit button will allow modifications to the item

Name – the name of the item can be changed

Hidden – the item can be hidden within this pressure class file

Multi-select edit is available for this list. Select more than one item with CRTL or SHIFT click and use global edit to modify all or some items at the same time.

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