D. Catalog Pressure Class

Click the Catalog Pressure Class folder to view the list of available pressure classes. There is no limit to the number of pressure classes you can have in the program.

Use Edit and Duplicate buttons to modify the pressure class files. Right click a pressure class to set your default to use in creating new zones.

Click a Pressure Class in the navigation tree to expand the options available within the pressure class table. Labor hours, construction standards, and general options can all be modified.

Set the defaults and allowed alternates for Labor Rates, Joints, Hangers, and Wraps.

1.      Catalog Pressure Class – Labor Rates

There are two options:

  • Use the currently loaded rates
  • Use a specific labor rate

Currently Loaded Rates – as you create a zone you select a set of labor rates to use.

Use Specific Rates – dictate which labor rate you always want used with Catalog Items

2.      Catalog Pressure Class – Joints

You can setup rectangular and round joints for your catalog items.

Rectangular Joints

Input a Max H+W

Select a joint and a sealant and click Save

You can then right click the Joint and make it the default

Round Joints

Input a Max Diameter

Select a joint and a sealant and click Save

You can then right click the joint and make it the default for round items from the catalog

3.      Hangers and Wrap

For catalog Hangers and Wrap follow the same setup procedures as the joints above.

4. General Options

You can select a default color for items that belong to this catalog pressure class

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