04. Setting Up a New Job

When you create a new job, you have a choice of where you store it. On the left side of the Job File screen, notice the Folder Lists: HVAC, Plumbing, Templates, and Sample Jobs.

NOTE: You can add Folders by selecting New Folder under the File pull-down menu. This is also where you delete and rename folders.

When you add a new job, make sure the folder you want to store the job under is selected.

  1. For this tutorial, you want to save the new job in Sample Jobs. Make sure it is highlighted. If it is not, click on it to highlight Sample Jobs.
  2. Click  on the top left corner of the Job File screen. A dialog box appears.
  3. At the top of the screen, select a template to use in your job. To see a list of existing templates, click the down arrow on the right side of the box next to Template. For our example, select Tutorial.
    NOTE: A template is pre-loaded with Specs, Assemblies, and Job Items to minimize the setup time for estimating a job. For more information on templates, see the Reference Manual.
  4. Type in a name for this job. For this tutorial, type in SAMPLE.
  5. Move your cursor to the Description field. For this tutorial, type in Tutorial Job.
  6. Click . The Spec List screen appears.

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