Creating Custom Fields for Catalog Items

Available in Duct is a feature allowing for custom fields with catalog items. This feature will allow users to create textboxes or drop-down menus to be used with their catalog items during takeoff.

When creating Catalog Items that have the same name but different options available, it is now possible to create a single item and apply custom fields to allow users to choose the options with the item taken off. This feature works well with items that are not going to have varying cost or labor associated with them.

The example we’ll use is a group created for downblast ventilators. No matter the HP or Voltage, they have the same installation labor and no item cost (as they are quoted items).

Follow the instructions below to create the custom catalog item fields.

  1. Create a Group titled Downblast Ventilators

  2. Create an Item titled Downblast Ventilator

    1. Fill out the item name, labor, weight, etc as normal for the single item

  3. In the Catalog Item Fields section click Create

  4. Type in a name for the label: Diameter

  5. Check the box to Use Pick List

  6. In the Pick List Options section click New

  7. Input the first diameter available: 8

  8. Click Create Pick List Option button

  9. Repeat until all the desired diameters are listed

  10. Click Save Changes

  11. Repeat steps 3 thru 10 to add additional fields

  12. Click Save Changes on the Catalog Item

  13. Within Takeoff go to the ribbon menu at the top of the main Takeoff window and click on the View menu

  14. Click the Select Palettes button

  15. Check to enable the Catalog Item Fields

    1. The new palette will open and can be moved and docked where desired

  16. Select the Downblast Ventilator our of the catalog palette

  17. Look to the Catalog Item Fields palette and your drop-down menu will be available


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